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Sweep my feet off the ground meaning

sweep my feet off the ground meaning

To be "swept off your feet" is to be surprised, enthralled, exhilarated.
Imagine the most cliché scene, illustrating the awaited union of the main couple.A: "Is Lucy still gushing about her new boyfriend?" B: "Yeah, he must have really swept her off her feet.".To further explain this phrase, the feeling of being swept off your feet can be applied when you find yourself entirely surprised by the force of someones charm.Tell a friend about us, add a link to this page, or visit the webmaster's page for free remaining contestants on the bachelor 2015 fun content.Here are a few example sentences for this phrase: From the moment they met, he knew oil change rebate status he wanted to do everything in his ability to sweep her off her feet.I had always dreamed of being an officer's wife.See if you can find this phrase used in movies, songs, novels, and other forms of media.See also: feet, off, sweep, want to thank TFD for its existence?So, the formal definition of this phrase would be: To affect with overwhelming enthusiasm, or to infatuate, or put simply, to cause someone to fall suddenly and completely in love.Although the phrase can mean that, and often does, it's also sometimes applied in a more broad context.While to sweep is a metaphorically linked to the act of being taken away by the sweep of a broom, it would it appropriate at any moment characterized by falling in love.
Many people expect to get swept off their feet on Valentines Day and spend the day indulging in their romance.
In Taylor Swifts song, White Horse, she discovers her lovers and declares, Im not the one youll sweep off her feet.
Ballroom dancers can sweep across the dance floor, a powdery snow can sweep across the barren fields.
Or, if you ever find yourself explaining to someone about how much youve fallen in love, try using this expression!
It's that smooth, fluid motion and the idea of your emotions being carried in that fashion that brought about the idiom. Or when you find that charm so irresistible that it seems as though the ground disappeared from under your feet and you succumb to that charm.Critics can be swept off their feet by an epic film; operagoers can be swept off their feet by a beautiful aria, etc.Visualize yourself sitting comfortably at a theater, and you are there to watch a romantic cinespia promo code film, whether it be for your own enjoyment or chosen by someone youve come with.You might imagine a prince picking up his princess up off her feet and carrying her away in his arms.You might imagine a couple embrace and kiss to a dramatic background ballad.Sweep, cobuild Advanced English Dictionary.A strong ocean or river current can literally sweep you off your feet, and young lovers can do the same thing to each other, figuratively and emotionally.